Pharmaceutical Grade
Psychedelics for a New Generation
of Mental Health Therapeutics

Using Ibogaine and Psilocybin APIs to offer
patients next generation drug treatment
Making psychedelics a natural part
of every doctor’s Rx pad
Delivery using
microdosing for a
prolonged clinical
effect over time
No interruption to daily lifestyle

Transforming mental health

The world urgently needs a new way to treat mental health conditions, and at Psyrx we are developing a combination of an approved drug from the SSRI family with a low dosage of ibogaine. Meant to improve anti-depressant treatment, with a convenient daily dose - the treatment does not cause a psychedelic effect and is non-disruptive to people’s way of life. It also decreases the side effects of current medications – aimed at transforming and optimizing mental health treatment outcomes.
At Psyrx we believe psychedelics are a big part of the solution for the global mental health crisis. Bringing over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device and cannabis industries, we set out to transform the growing psychedelic drug discovery market. Psyrx is one of the few companies to offer GMP-approved, API of Psilocybin and Ibogaine.

Unleashing the therapeutic
potential of Ibogaine & Psilocybin


Ibogaine is the key psychoactive component of the Iboga plant. Ibogaine has been recognized as an anti-addiction drug that, following a single treatment, produces more successful results than traditional methods, while also reducing depression and anxiety.

Medical indications:

Treatment of addictions, Treatment of depression, fatigue and recovery from contagious diseases and High blood pressure.

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Sourced mainly from Magic mushrooms, Psilocybin has been shown to have a positive effect in treating depression, anxiety, and addiction, and has been suggested as a potential treatment for obesity, PTSD, and more.

Medical indications:

Major depressive disorder (MDD), Treatment-resistant depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Anorexia, Obesity, Cluster headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, PTSD, Personality disorders.

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Our applications

Providing API grade botanical molecules for psychiatric treatment & combining microdoses of Ibogaine to current anti-depressants treatment.
Supplying GMP standard APIs of Ibogaine
and Psilocybin to pharmaceutical and
biotechnology companies
Clinical advantage - Faster onset,
alleviates mood and limits side effects.
Safer with lower burden on patients and
reduced financial cost of treatment.
Adding microdoses of Ibogaine or
Psilocybin to current psychiatric drugs
Regulatory advantage - Accelerated
regulatory approval process

The natural pharmaceutical grade
psilocybin in 4 steps

Preparation of master
cell bank
First, we select the best psilocybin mushroom strains and prepare a master cell bank for a consistent manufacturing process, both currently and in the future
Mycelium isolation
For manufacturing a natural Psylocibin API batch, we grow specific mycelium from the master bank in a controlled bioreactor for 2 weeks
Extraction and isolation
(GMP process)
We extract the mushroom metabolites for a full spectrum extract followed by isolation of > 99% pure natural Psilocybin
Packaging and delivery
(GMP process)
We package and store our final product in a controlled environment, according to stability test validations and requirements until it is delivered to costumers

Using agro-medical methods
through our Bio-reactor platform

  • Controlled environment
  • Fully sterile processes
  • Fast growth
  • Consistent and reproducible high yield
  • Low-cost process

Leveraging existing know-how and technology

Licensed for research in
Psychedelic molecules by
the Israeli Ministry of Health
License agreement with
the Hebrew University of
Jerusalem (HUJI)
Fully IP protected
with exclusive
commercial rights

Our highly experienced team

Prof. Itamar Grotto
Executive Chairman
Public Health Physician and Professor of Epidemiology. Prof. Grottto served as the Director of Public Health Services (2007-2017) at the Israeli Ministry of Health, later to become the Associate Director General (2017-2021). Between 2018 and 2021 he was a Member of the Executive Board of the World Health organization (WHO).
Prof. Moshe Kotler MD, Ph.D
Medical Director
Doctor of Medicine, the Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. 1985 completed his residency in psychiatry at the Shalvata Mental Health Center (Hod Hasharon) affiliated to Tel Aviv University. Kotler was one of the founders of the military mental health department , in the years 1985-1989 served as its head (at the rank of lieutenant colonel in the reserves). Research fellow in biological psychiatry and psychopharmacology at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine of Yeshiva University in New York for two years. 1991, director of the psychiatric department at Beth Israel Hospital in Newark, New Jersey. 1993, returned to Israel and was appointed director of the system at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and in 2000, deputy dean for teaching at the faculty. At the same time, he graduated master's degree in health systems management. 2000 Tel Aviv University, nominated as an associate professor in the School of Medicine. 2004 appointed as full professor. 2004-2006 he served as the head of the department of psychiatry at Tel Aviv University.Kotler served as the director of the mental health centers in Beer Ya'akov and Ness Ziona mental health center .Kotler also served as chairman of the National Mental Health Council, chairman of the Israeli Society for Medicine and Addiction Treatment, and chairman of the Israel Psychiatry Association.
Itay Hecht
Biz Dev and Co-founder
Itay is an entrepreneur with vast experience in the private and public sector. He initiated the first public trade medical Cannabis company in Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Itay served as the CEO of Hi-Pharma Ltd, a medical cannabis company for 2 years and 7 years as COO of Palgi Sharon - Israeli Municipal Water Corporation.
Yoav Elishoov RPh-MBA
Yoav Elishoov has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Yoav served as CEO of Tarima Pharmaceuticals Ltd. between 2013 and 2018.Between 2001 and 2012, Yoav founded and managed Novartis Oncology in Israel and then expanded its activities to the developing countries of Eastern Europe. During last years Yoav was an advisor to pharma companies, Medical cannabis and medical startup companies. Holds a master's degree in business administration MBA from Bar Ilan University and a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from the Hebrew University , school of pharmacy , Jerusalem.
Asher Holzer Ph.D
Asher has over 30 years' experience in management of both private and public corporations in the medical device and the biotech industry. Asher founded several successful bio-tech companies, including InspireMD (NYSE MKT: NSPR) and UroGen Pharma (NASDAQ: URGN). He was part of the management team of Biosense (acquired by Johnson & Johnson).
Kobi Buxdorf Ph.D
CTO and Co- founder
Kobi is an entrepreneur and founder of CANNADORF LTD, bringing over 10 years of academic and industrial research and management experience in multidisciplinary areas in the field of microbiology, molecular biology, plant sciences, diagnostics, and medical devices. He also possesses an extensive background in regulation and business development.
Noam Barnea-Ygael Ph.D
Research Officer
Noam has over 15 years of academic experience in the field of neuroscience and over 10 years of industrial experience at a medical device company that targets psychiatric conditions (BrainsWay Ltd.).
Jonathan Baram Ph.D
Lead Chemist
A senior researcher within the chemical industry with over 8 years of industry experience. Prior to PsyRX, Jonathan served as a senior phytochemist in Synergio, organic chemistry researcher in Chemada Fine Chemicals and formulation chemist in S.A.N advanced protection systems, where he led several point-of-care product developments from bench to market. He holds a Ph.D. in Organic chemistry from the Weizmann institute of science.
Noam Permont
VP of Business Development, PR and IR
Mr. Permont is a veteran of the Israeli medical cannabis world. With a plethora of experience in biotech, psychedelic medicine and medical cannabis , Mr. Permont overseas business development, PR and IR activities for PsyRx.

Advisory Board

Jeremy Weate Ph.D
Scientific Advisor
Maggie Levy Ph.D
Head of Agricultural Research
Aaron Ciechanover, MD
Scientific Advisor

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