Next Generation Therapeutics
for Mental Health Disorders

Harnessing Neuronal Plasticity of Psychedelics
to Overcome Standard of Care Pitfalls
Our goal is to become a leader in the field of psychedelic-combination therapeutics
Once daily oral dosage form
No supervision
No psychoactive effects
No interruption to daily lifestyle

Transforming mental health

Our lead drug candidate is a fixed dose combination of an SSRI and a micro-dose of ibogaine - psychoactive stimulant

Unleashing the therapeutic
potential of Ibogaine


Ibogaine is a psychoactive compound originally isolated from the root bark of the iboga tree (Tabernanthe iboga) in central and west Africa.


It was sold in Franc as a stimulant drug up to the 1970’s under the name Lambarène


It is currently being developed in the US as an anti-addiction drug

Leveraging existing know-how and technology


Gil Ben-Menachem, PhD MBA
Dr. Ben-Menachem is an executive with over two decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has held Business Development and managerial roles in large pharmaceutical companies such as Teva (NYSE: TEVA) and Dexcel Pharma, as well as in smaller public and private companies like Purple Biotech (NASDAQ: PPBT) and Neuromagen, an early-stage company developing an innovative drug for ALS, which he co-founded. Gil received his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Hebrew University, and an MBA from the University of Maryland. He completed his postdoctoral training in immunology at the NIH, where he researched a new vaccine for Lyme disease. He has published over a dozen scientific manuscripts in top-tier journals such as PNAS and Nature, and authored several patents. At the Hebrew University, he taught graduate courses on innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Ben-Menachem is a member of the Directors Team of the Israeli Companies Authority.
Itay Hecht
Business Development
Itay is an entrepreneur with vast experience in the private and public sectors. He oversaw the first IPO of medical Cannabis company in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Prior to PsyRx Itay served as the CEO of Hi-Pharma Ltd, a medical cannabis company for 2 years and 7 years as COO of Palgi Sharon - Israeli Municipal Water Corporation.
Moshe Neuman, PhD
Regulatory Affairs

Board of Directors

Itamar Grotto
Executive Chairman
Asher Holtzer
Kobi Buxdorf
Itay Hecht
Maggie Levy
Dany Zadok
Gil Ben-Menachem

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